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Maybe someone needs this. I rewrote that Script to show Shortlinks after 10 Claims:

a (not really) complete re-rewrite of the (moderately) popular but mostly outdated Floodgate Script​

Table of Contents


a list of notable features of the script

  • Added a Shortlink being generated after every 10 Claims to slow the user down
  • New: ExpressCrypto implemented!
  • Revised Claim Process
    • Progress is saved even between sessions
    • Payouts Can be sent Every X claims
    • internal tracking of claims to allow easy customization.
  • Simplified Layout
    • a new bootstrap based design
    • easily change layout and colors via the admin panel
    • Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • Powerful Admin Panel
    • No more Editing Configs with a fully integrated Admin Panel
    • Manage Currencies, Shortlinks & Banner Ads Conveniently.
    • Easily add Captchas and Proxy Detection
  • Future Proof
    • No Hardcoded currencies by dynamically fetching Currencies from EC (removed until EC adds this endpoint) + Added EX-Gold and EX-Silver, you can add more in the source Code
    • Images are pulled from EC whenever a currency is added
    • API limit detection notifies you when to increase the payout cycle


Minimum Requirements​

  • Apache or NGinX (any version)
  • PHP 5.6 or Higher
    • Read and Write Permissions Required
  • ExpressCrypto Account + Expresscrypto API Key

Reccomended Requirements​

  • PHP 7.0 or Higher
    • the higher the version the better. Never Versions genrally outperform older PHP version
  • PHP-SQLite3 Extention
    • SQLite offers Higher performance to json without needing to setup a Database.


  • Download the newest version from github
  • Unpack it on your server and remove the ZIP (Keep it on your local pc though incase you need it!)
  • visit the index page in your browser - this will create a Security Key and store it in your config.
  • open the config.php file, get your Security Key and use it to set up admin credentials
  • Done! you can now configure your script and never need to touch a config file again!
  • Open claim.php, hit Ctrl + F and search for 'count10', change the api code and url there, to get Shortlinks from your preferred Shortlink Provider
  • Open admin.php and add the Currencies you want to add under $Currencies
git: https://github.com/v0idxyz/NewAutoEC


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